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Leslie Shelton

Senior Account Manager

Working with advisory staff to effectively serve our clients, Leslie has played a key role at Wilson Albers
since her arrival in 2013. She is known for her efficient and timely ability to deliver guidance and
solutions, thanks to her breadth of experience in Alaska’s healthcare industry.

Leslie sees herself as a resource for both clients and their employees, enabling them to better
understand their processes and benefits—and providing them with a liaison who has established solid
relationships with insurance carriers and vendors over a 25-year career. Her goal is to “ease worries,
help find resolutions, and be a trusted partner,” she says.

Currently, Leslie is working toward her Registered Employee Benefits Consultant® certification, along
with pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication from Grand Canyon University; she also attended
Grayson County Community College in Texas before moving to Alaska in 1988. An inaugural member of
Alera Group’s Women’s Mentorship Program, Leslie is an accomplished author as well.