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Rethinking and Transforming Your Workforce

We know that 2020 brought a lot of surprises that have likely forced you to rethink how your workforce does its job.  Did you send people home to work, or did you have to put them on leave for a while?  Was your business shut down or did it go on close to “normal”?  We have put together a COVID employer toolkit, which includes loads of well-maintained information and tools.  We include tactical guidance, such as our COVID Playbook Template, which guides employers towards developing policies, protocols, and practices for managing workforces and workplaces during COVID and beyond.  We also have ideas about vendors that can help you navigate the challenges of screening and testing in the workplace.

We also know you are thinking ahead to your next benefit open enrollment, we have you covered with this also.  Our “Open Enrollment Cookbook” allows you to pivot quickly without sacrificing impact.  It’s a semi-custom, pre-written, pre-designed, turnkey campaign that features the best practices in virtual benefits communications.  It takes the stress out of planning and lets you reach employees wherever they are with thoughtful information they can use to choose their benefits wisely.

Whether your business was or is shut down or it went on as “normal”, we know you have faced some challenges.  Our goal is to help you meet these challenges head on and thrive in the process.  All the playbooks are customizable and designed with you in mind.