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Data Analysis & Actuarial

Are your program structure, plan design and pricing appropriate for your organizational goals and company culture?  Could you be saving money with wellness programs and cost-conscious features?

Healthcare is typically the second or third highest expense item for an organization, and healthcare spending increases continue to significantly outpace general inflation.

Central to a good strategy is data analysis which provides you actionable information to make smart, data-driven decisions.

Our Annual Benchmarking Survey gives you access to data that is trusted by top insurers and provides data you need to compare your programs with other employers.


As your advocate, we use data analysis as a negotiating point with the current vendor and with other possible insurers.  We also use data analysis throughout the plan year to measure performance, compare actual vs. forecast, and to review service issues.  We will actively interpret, analyze, and recommend solutions based on extensive data analysis.

We will analyze your needs in terms of benefit plans, financial modeling, actuarial analysis, and forecasting. This includes using claims experience and other national data, and conducting a thorough review of current vendors, contracts, and pricing.


We conduct our own underwriting, and we rely heavily on analysis from our in-house team and our affiliation with the world’s largest and most respected actuarial firm.  Our focus includes:

-Comprehensive Assessment of Health Plans Report
-Plan Design Analysis
-Renewal Projections through the entire year
-Thorough Renewal Evaluations
-Comprehensive Stop-Loss Analysis
-ACA Employer Impact Report
-Self-Insured Feasibility Analysis
-Merger and Acquisition Assessment Report
-Pharmacy Benefit Manager Evaluation
-Discount Analysis
-Contribution Modeling
-PPO and Pharmacy Review