eMoney:  Your Financial Dashboard

We hope to make your life easier by providing one round-the-clock resource to organize your finances. No more hassle to check your bank accounts, loans, and assets on different sites. You can be organized, informed, and prepared to make better decisions all in one place.

Access to a personal financial organizer with interactive planning

  • Identify your goals, evaluate options and financial strategies
  • Monitor your investments, savings and loans for updated feedback
  • Collaborate with an advisor online or through your mobile device

Track your personal spending

  • Spending categories are created based on your goals
  • Adjust for times you splurge and times you tighten the belt
  • Improve retirement projections by understanding how much you need to support your lifestyle

Store important information safely and securely through the vault feature

  • Unlimited storage and easy access to current information
  • Estate planning and legal documents
  • Corporate documents
  • Tax returns

Resources for financial education and engagement

  • Education center with workshop videos
  • Browse topics effortlessly
  • Learn, plan, and achieve

Taking the time to create your profile now will allow you to save time in the future when making important life decisions. Let us help you reach your goals hassle-free.