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Tiffani M. Gutierrez

Partner/Client Support, HR Services

As a Human Resources Client Support Specialist, Tiffani provides internal client support for Alera ConnectHR.
Before joining our company, she served in the Alaska Army National Guard as a paralegal specialist and
also worked as a human resources assistant for the federal government—playing an integral role in an
expansion that brought hundreds of U.S. troops to Fort Greely over just a few months.

Her service and experience provided clear lessons that Tiffani has taken forward into the business
world—she knows it takes leadership, teamwork, and motivation to get a job done right. After her time
in the National Guard, Tiffani worked as a medical assistant in family and internal medicine, later
specializing in orthopedics. She also has experience in property management, insurance, and

Tiffani is married with two children, and currently is pursuing a degree in business management with a
minor in accounting at the University of Alaska.