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Sunny Jenkins

Marketing Administrator

Sunny is the main point of contact across Wilson Albers and our partner companies to support
marketing efforts and ensure positive partnerships. She uses her knowledge gained over 17 years in
business administration and marketing roles to drive and manage a variety of initiatives and projects.

Her career began as a marketer at a small software company; she later moved on to supporting
executives at Microsoft and Starbucks. A native of Alaska who spent over two decades in Seattle, Sunny
adds a unique perspective to our work—blending intimate local experience with an understanding of both
startup and corporate environments.

She and her husband have a young son; in the rare instances where they have free time, they enjoy
hiking, camping, and fishing. And although Sunny moved back to her home state in 2015, her time in
Seattle made an indelible impression: She can be heard throughout Anchorage cheering for the
Seahawks during football season.