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Kitty Pham

Partner, HR Services

With significant experience in HR systems, processes, and compensation, Kitty has been a key asset for
the Alera ConnectHR team since coming on board in 2019. She analyzes data, implements systems, and
helps clients use technology to improve operations.

Kitty discovered a passion for human resources early on, which led her to Washington State University.
After graduating cum laude with a degree in business administration and an emphasis in HR
management, she completed several impactful projects over several years at the largest behavioral
health agency in the Seattle area.

Kitty was born in Hong Kong and emigrated to the U.S. when she was eight years old. When she’s not
working, she can be found supporting her community, spending time with her family, playing with her
dogs, enjoying a little gaming, or reading Jane Austen. You might also hear her speaking something other
than English—she knows three different languages.