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Jennifer Prowell-Kitter

Director, Pacific Northwest Support Services

Jennifer’s unique background in law enforcement and information technology gives her the perfect skill
set for this role—she is responsible for facilities, safety, security, business systems and equipment,
training administration, and other key operational functions in the region.

A Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist with a degree in business administration and management
from Alaska Pacific University, Jennifer spent 12 years in law enforcement before pivoting to IT. She
counts the change as her greatest professional achievement because it required her to adopt a different
mindset and approach to problem-solving.

Jennifer joined Wilson Albers in 2015 and loves the variety of her role; she says having so many areas of
responsibility provides opportunities for her to balance her focus.

She’s a big fan of the Boston Red Sox, and enjoys hiking, biking, and travel. Jennifer also is a supporter of
the Duct Tape Ball, an annual event that benefits local charities.